A Winter Wonderland

"As Shrek moves the door, it reveals a Yeti on the other side"

As the party opened the door to the castle, they find themselves in a frozen land. Zinton crafted a skin cloak out of the skin of one of the tortured corpses. After spending a few nights healing and searching the rest of the castle they depart. Not before Garys new ring reveals itself as Merick, the intelligent item. The party journeyed far across the frozen world of Elin. Along the way, they encountered the harsh landscape, a pack of ice golems, and a yeti. The found the cave of the inventor of the ice golems, long abandoned. It turns out to be the home of yeti, which was quickly murdered. As they moved across the world, they ran into a cabin of a local hunter, that the quickly murdered and blew up his home. After all the traveling, they arrived outside the city of Frostmire, and began plotting.



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