Fair and Fighting

"Ser Zinton, welcome to the council"

Zinton was offered the position of city council member by the current district leader, Khelgar Opalsmith. He took the position. In addition, Zinton accepted a investment opportunity in Alexander Paynes adventuring guild. Gary stole a part of the rug in the council hall and wore it as a cloak, then got banned from the council hall.

After the discovery of a empty gold vaults, the city put together what little money it had and threw a fair. The fair brought even more trade, and and more tax revenue. It also brought a level of scum and the reopening of the fighting arena. Gary, Hrothgar, and Scruffy joined the fighting competition. After a thrashing, Hrothgar was knocked out by the legendary Thoros Silverfist. Scruffy and Gary fought together and managed to take out Thoros in a future round.



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