Heading Home: Part 2

The City of Magic

The group traversed the great desert lands, scorched earth that was long ago destroyed. They found their way to the large city of Lighthaven. Antic ensued as the group prepared to leave Elin. Gary and Malia attempted to steal from a magic shop in the city, Zinton made contact with the magical academy of Lighthaven, Adell contacted the Order, and Sorventh the Magnificent became Sorventh the Master of Languages. The group then boarded the airship called Icarus. On their travel, something went wrong with the crystal that connected the Icarus to the Plane of Air. Several disgruntled air elementals busted on to the ship, knocking the crystal out of place. The ship sank and eventually crashed into the city as the band of adventures fell from the sky, gathering on the beach.



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