Night of the Living Dead I

"Brother Shrek, get off that man!"

The party bribed their way into the gates of Frostmire, and sought the healing magic of the people. They quickly learned of the hatred of magic in these parts, and of the advanced technology and fine materials generated. Zinton set about creating a church of Pharasma. The first night, they ran a scam to gain money from the local fighting pit using Numbskull and Shrek. Gary also got his chance to fight, but the bartender mistook him for child. He raged and killed a child in one hit to the face. This set the guard after Gary. Merick, the ring, did not like this and incarcerated the guard. Eventually he was taken and Zinton had to bail him out.

Hrothgar and Zinton plot to get rid of the ring, but in the end Merick gets away.

Zinton finally recieved his building permit from Orion and work started. After roughly a week in the city, the church was fixed and ready to be opened. Zinton convinced some of the population that they needed to partake in the flesh of Brother Shrek and became infected with zombie rot. Zinton also created several terrifying creations, to defend himself. Gary also eliminated the only cleric of Sarenrae. At this time, they have no idea of effective the zombie rot has been, or what consequences lay ahead.



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