Night of the Living Dead III


The party meets a new friend, a human Slayer by the name of Malia. They had a group of worshipers show up and offer tithes to Pharasma to pay their passage to heaven. This was interrupted by a small group of the undead. The party ended up burning down the church, killing 75 worshipers in the process. They then ran into Dominic Smith, who they promptly murdered.

After fleeing the city, they rested on the outside of the city. They traveled back inside to find is mostly empty. Zinton captured Captain Andrew Harne and eventually murdered him. Zinton then ran into Cuven Goldweaver and murdered him. Gary got his ring back and blew up a building. ZInton and Hrothgar ran into the child of Dominic Smith and stole goods from him. After leaving the looted and mostly abandoned, the party traveled south to Mistmarsh.



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