Gary Bloodfoot

Bloody Gary



Gary was orphaned at a young age in the town of Belldale. Refusing to go to an orphanage, he learned to survive on his own in the streets of Belldale. Instead of stealing food like all the other orphans, he slaughtered stray animals and cooked them in people’s homes when they were away.
He killed his first man when it turned out that both the cat he had for beakfast and the kitchen he prepared it in belonged to the same person. The man ran into the kitchen and interrupted his meal, and soon found himself on the ground missing his legs. Gary finished his meal as the man bled out on the floor.
Soon afterwards, he started hiring himself out as a hitman to various criminal organizations. He started noticing a trend where the bloodier the kill, the stronger he became. He came the the conclusion that bathing himself in blood would allow him to absorb the strength of his fallen foe. Since then he started going out of his way to get himself covered in blood during every combat.
He was approached by multiple criminal groups, but remained a free agent to not be shackled by unnecessary allegiances. it was common for him to slaughter any gang members who demanded that he join their group, One day he met Zinton Hypnospangle, someone who he though was just as twisted and sadistic as he was, and an everlasting friendship was born.

Gary Bloodfoot

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