Hrothgar of Tuol Kel

Servant to the One in Iron


Hrothgar hails from the Gorum follower’s stronghold Tuol Kel in the Frozen Lands. He began his service to Gorum as a blacksmith, creating fine metal weapons and armor to be used in battle against the tribes of vicious orcs and barbarians that settled in the Frozen Lands.

Eventually, Hrothgar grew tired of slaying orcs and barbarians, and he decided to set out on his own; in a quest to find lost weapons of power, so that he may better please his god in battle against more fearsome foes.

He raises the dead to fight by his side so that, in his words, “the bodies of the fallen may act as a vessel for Gorum, and again find glory in battle by raising their arms against my enemies.” However, Horthgar finds the controlling and enslaving of spirits to be a hideous practice.

At some point in his travels, Hrothgar heard rumors of a dragon touching down in the city of Belldale. The idea of a battle with such a beast was enough to make him set course for the city.


Hrothgar of Tuol Kel

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