Kill the Dragon Slayer II
"Who Snitched On Us"

Gary, at the bottom of the hole, found King Dale Nottingham, who was very kind to everyone. He let them know that he saw a great future for the adventurers, who would protect the kingdom in a not far off future. The adventurers then left with a small bit of treasure. They return to the bar and after a brief encounter Zinton and Gary are reported to the watch by Edwin. Shortly after, Zinton and Gary torture Edwin and hurt Grubbs. Batgrat got the attention of Pate. Pate takes ZInton and Gary, as well as the paladin and Batgrat to his cave. At this point, they meet Snorri the dragon.

Kill the Dragonslayer
"How Big is the Sword?"

Shadowpaw paid the group a large sum of gold, and asked them to hunt down Pate the Dragonslayer and kill him. He also introduces his the group to Batgrat Forgebelly. Batgrat and Gary almost ruin Zintons store with his anvil. They then journeyed North, running into Grubbs, Batgrats old friend. They went exploring in a local dungeon. In exploring this dungeon, Gary found a altar that excepted blood as a payment.

Dance of the Dead
Or How To One Shot Rats

Shadowpaw requests the party go under the city and retrieve a nasty necromancer who has been bothering him. As they go down, they have to fight a few spooky skeletons and a pack of rats that exploded with a single channel negative energy. They then encountered Araella the Cursed, who was dispatched very easily. She was delivered to Shadowpaw without incident.

The Adventures Begin

The group is approached by Shadowpaw. He makes a deal to have the party recover a staff from the Thieves Guild. The party recovers the Staff, leading to the thieves guild falling into chaos. The Master, leader of the guild, flees. Shadowpaw is very pleased, and reveals the staff is to control dragons.


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