The Adventures Begin

The group is approached by Shadowpaw. He makes a deal to have the party recover a staff from the Thieves Guild. The party recovers the Staff, leading to the thieves guild falling into chaos. The Master, leader of the guild, flees. Shadowpaw is very pleased, and reveals the staff is to control dragons.

Dance of the Dead
Or How To One Shot Rats

Shadowpaw requests the party go under the city and retrieve a nasty necromancer who has been bothering him. As they go down, they have to fight a few spooky skeletons and a pack of rats that exploded with a single channel negative energy. They then encountered Araella the Cursed, who was dispatched very easily. She was delivered to Shadowpaw without incident.

Kill the Dragonslayer
"How Big is the Sword?"

Shadowpaw paid the group a large sum of gold, and asked them to hunt down Pate the Dragonslayer and kill him. He also introduces his the group to Batgrat Forgebelly. Batgrat and Gary almost ruin Zintons store with his anvil. They then journeyed North, running into Grubbs, Batgrats old friend. They went exploring in a local dungeon. In exploring this dungeon, Gary found a altar that excepted blood as a payment.

Kill the Dragon Slayer II
"Who Snitched On Us"

Gary, at the bottom of the hole, found King Dale Nottingham, who was very kind to everyone. He let them know that he saw a great future for the adventurers, who would protect the kingdom in a not far off future. The adventurers then left with a small bit of treasure. They return to the bar and after a brief encounter Zinton and Gary are reported to the watch by Edwin. Shortly after, Zinton and Gary torture Edwin and hurt Grubbs. Batgrat got the attention of Pate. Pate takes ZInton and Gary, as well as the paladin and Batgrat to his cave. At this point, they meet Snorri the dragon.

Murder Mystery
"Lie to Shadowpaw? How!"

Pate makes them a offer to return to Shadowpaw and tell him Pate has been slain. They take the helmet and get on a carriage hired by Shadowpaw at the closest town. Upon arrival, they met with Shadowpaw. He asked them to look into the murder of the master of coin. After an investigation, they almost get locked up by the guard but escape. They eventually find that the master of coin was working with the new leader of the thieves guild, Aseangg, to take money and launder it into the local business. After stopping the deal, Aseangg took the master of coins life. Zinton gave up his role as the new master of coin to Aseangg.

Fair and Fighting
"Ser Zinton, welcome to the council"

Zinton was offered the position of city council member by the current district leader, Khelgar Opalsmith. He took the position. In addition, Zinton accepted a investment opportunity in Alexander Paynes adventuring guild. Gary stole a part of the rug in the council hall and wore it as a cloak, then got banned from the council hall.

After the discovery of a empty gold vaults, the city put together what little money it had and threw a fair. The fair brought even more trade, and and more tax revenue. It also brought a level of scum and the reopening of the fighting arena. Gary, Hrothgar, and Scruffy joined the fighting competition. After a thrashing, Hrothgar was knocked out by the legendary Thoros Silverfist. Scruffy and Gary fought together and managed to take out Thoros in a future round.

The Torture of Adventure
"You feel your soul displaced by the ghost creature"

After a several disappearances happen in and around district 13 of Belldale, Zinton is tasked with finding the cause. A few rumors come from Olga, after Zinton realized that one of his two Russian workers, Helga, went missing the night before after running off after some boy into a abandoned home. When the party followed, Zinton found this house, and found himself sent to a demiplane. This demiplane eventually lead to them arriving in a castle dedicated to Zon-Kuthon. They encountered the many tortures of the area, eventually leading to the final showdown between the warrior cleric with his sadistic chain. He went up in a burst of flames, and the party was able to rest in unease for the night.

A Winter Wonderland
"As Shrek moves the door, it reveals a Yeti on the other side"

As the party opened the door to the castle, they find themselves in a frozen land. Zinton crafted a skin cloak out of the skin of one of the tortured corpses. After spending a few nights healing and searching the rest of the castle they depart. Not before Garys new ring reveals itself as Merick, the intelligent item. The party journeyed far across the frozen world of Elin. Along the way, they encountered the harsh landscape, a pack of ice golems, and a yeti. The found the cave of the inventor of the ice golems, long abandoned. It turns out to be the home of yeti, which was quickly murdered. As they moved across the world, they ran into a cabin of a local hunter, that the quickly murdered and blew up his home. After all the traveling, they arrived outside the city of Frostmire, and began plotting.

Night of the Living Dead I
"Brother Shrek, get off that man!"

The party bribed their way into the gates of Frostmire, and sought the healing magic of the people. They quickly learned of the hatred of magic in these parts, and of the advanced technology and fine materials generated. Zinton set about creating a church of Pharasma. The first night, they ran a scam to gain money from the local fighting pit using Numbskull and Shrek. Gary also got his chance to fight, but the bartender mistook him for child. He raged and killed a child in one hit to the face. This set the guard after Gary. Merick, the ring, did not like this and incarcerated the guard. Eventually he was taken and Zinton had to bail him out.

Hrothgar and Zinton plot to get rid of the ring, but in the end Merick gets away.

Zinton finally recieved his building permit from Orion and work started. After roughly a week in the city, the church was fixed and ready to be opened. Zinton convinced some of the population that they needed to partake in the flesh of Brother Shrek and became infected with zombie rot. Zinton also created several terrifying creations, to defend himself. Gary also eliminated the only cleric of Sarenrae. At this time, they have no idea of effective the zombie rot has been, or what consequences lay ahead.

Night of the Living Dead II

The party has encountered a enemy inquisition of Pharasma. The tough battle lasted a while and in the end the party emerged victorious, at the cost of Scruffy. He was slain by his cousin, a paladin of Sarenrae.


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