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  • Darvin Arbors

    Darvin owns a shop in the city of Frostmire. He is the inventor of all the guns, and the source of almost all the supplies. Darvin has always been a quiet guy, preferring to let his inventions stand on their own.

  • Sammy Six Fingers

    A notable bard that has spent much time stuck in the city, Frostmire. He plays around the several bars, but prefers to play The Merchants End when the people with real money show up. Often attempts to get the merchants drunker and keep the gold tips …

  • Orion

    Little is known about Orion's life before arriving at Frostmire. In his time since returning, he has made a name for himself by opening the Orion Mines. This rich trader then invested in a young boy, [[:darvin-arbors | Darvin Arbors]]. He used Orions …

  • Captain Andrew Harne

    Andrew is the latest of the Harne family to take the position of captain of the guard. Committed to his duty, he will not allow wrong doing or magic to take over his city, Frostmire.

  • Dominic Smith

    Dominic has created almost every odd request for a weapon for the patrons of the Pointed Pike. Living so close to the Orion Mines has allowed him to create everything with a variety of materials. Has several other stores, including one opening in Belldale …

  • Roland Mar

    A large half orc who runs the rowdiest bar in Frostmire. The hangout for miners and guards alike. The ladies are cheap, the drinks cheaper. The loser of the bar brawl will pay for the new furniture.

  • Cuven Goldweaver

    Cuven Goldweaver is the halfling owner of The Merchants End. Only respects people who look like they actually have some form of wealth.