Welcome to Telrain

The Kingdom of Telrain is an old kingdom, formed at the dawn of civilization. It was formed out of four major tribes when weapons where first becoming a major part of warfare. The Kingdom has been at peace with the other local Kingdoms for a long time. The last king, King James Nottingham died one year ago, and his son King John Nottingham, the young king has been ruling fairly, under the regency of his mother, Queen Jane Nottingham. Due to the age of the king, there are several uprisings in the kingdom starting from the smaller lords of the surrounding cities.

Belldale is a large trading city, located on the cost. Due to its large docks and large trading quarter, the city is easily the wealthiest in Telrain. However, the docks and other very shitty jobs have led to a very large poor district, leading to a large divide between classes in the poor and the wealthy traders. The wealthy often will have an armed guard with them at all times, in case anyone might take action against them.

Belldale is ruled by Lord Alexander Belldale, a very old family that founded Belldale hundreds of years ago. They are very wealthy and have ruled Belldale since its founding. However, in the last 100 years, a small council of traders was established from major traders in order to keep the city a major trading power and not leave the cities large tax funds to a single man.

The party was approached by one of these council members, a Harrold Shadowpaw, and offered a lot of money to do terrible things for him, beginning with stealing a very powerful staff from the Master of the Thieves guild. They have since dealt with a weak Necromancer lurking underground, then left the safety of the city on a quest to kill the Dragonslayer Pate. They forged a deal to work with Pate and tell Shadowpaw that Pate was dead. They returned to Belldale, they investigated the murder of the master of coin, eventually finding it to be the new master of the Thieves Guild, and their previous member of the group.


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