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  • Aseangg Dairo

    Joined the group for their first adventure, but quickly realized that he had a much better opportunity by taking over the thieves guild. He assassinated the master of coin after a deal with him went sour.

  • Alexander Payne

    Alexander comes from the north, and caries the famous family name of Payne, one of the original families of Telrain. He has three Adventuring Guilds set up in other cities, Ironthrall, Shademarsh and Dragoncastle. Seeing the new opportunity in Belldale …

  • Jasper Opalsmith

    Jasper was a orphaned street urchin living in the area near Zinton and Khelgar's shops. He stole from Grilgron's shop and when caught, rather than turning him over to the guards. he took Jasper in and trained him in the art of potions. Jasper is Khelgar's …

  • Olga

    Zinton adopted Olga and Helga after killing their cunt parents. Olga and Helga have been key to Zintons ventures in Belldale.

  • Davfire Arbors

    Davfire comes from money across the border in the east. He has come to make a name for himself in Tellrain. He has spend a lot of money to build the largest store in Belldale. It takes almost an entire street block in its self. They specialize in magical …

  • Anders Bell

    Anders has served as the head of the council for a few years. He was appointed by a fellow member of the Bell family.