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  • The Master

    The previous master of the thieves guild. Was knocked out of his position as most of the guild dissolved after the staff was stolen.

  • Pate Fletcher

    The dragon slayer Pate Fletcher is a bastard child of the old dragon slayers blood. He wields the large great sword, the Dragonsbane, and wears the Dragonsbane Plate. He has sworn his life to the King to protect the kingdom from the threat of dragons.

  • Jekhar

    My village (Lenele) was destroyed by raiders when I was a child. It was before he could control his summons, now that he can, he vowed to find the raiders. He fled from the party, and has gone back to trying to avenge his people.

  • Thoros Silverfist

    Thoros is a legendary fighter, who has made fortunes off the fighting ring. He has always taken the money and helped the poor of the areas around the fighting arenas. This has led to poor cheering the name Silverfist, and betting small coin on him. He has …

  • Khelgar Opalsmith

    Khelgar Opalsmith has been in Belldale for many years. His shop, Opalsmiths Apothecary, is very large and has earned Khelgar a spot on the Belldale counsel, as leader of his area.